Trail Conditions: December 29, 2016

Trail Conditions: December 29, 2016

Trail Conditions: December 29, 2016


Updated: 12/29/16 @ 12:30PM

Here’s the wintery scoop!

Fifteen days into our wildlife restrictions and only three and a half months till we are riding that lovely dirty singletrack. If you are lucky enough to have a FAT bike, Eagle has some great options to spin/slip/slide your wheels on.

The Eagle Ranch Golf Course is groomed and allowing cross country skiing, snow shoes and FAT BIKES. 7 miles of FUN! Please make sure you keep your pooch on a leash at all times, and PLEASE pick up any K9 droppings.


Haymaker is riding well and it includes the first two loops (NO Extra Credit or Cabin loop). Thanks to a few dedicated locals for packing it down after each snow dump. If you want to assist, why not strap on some snowshoes and take a nice walk. 4ish miles of smiles 🙂 (this also includes the berms!!! Super FUN)

Boneyard Yep this jewel is open for business 24/365! Again thanks to locals packing it in.
Pool &Ice, & Dirt Surfer IS CLOSED, so you can do an out and back on Boneyard, Redneck Ridge or ride down Belly Ache road.

Eagle Ranch: CLOSED

West Eagle: CLOSED

We Also love these too!!

Sylvan Lake

Yeoman Park

Camp Hale

Leadville Cloud City Wheelers

Tennessee Pass

Happy Winter!!!

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