Trail Conditions July 1, 2016

Trail Conditions July 1, 2016


Updated: 7/1/16 @ 12:00PM

Here’s the scoop!

Finally we are getting some rain.
With just 1/4″ of moisture the trails are spectacular. Forecasters are calling for more of the wet stuff through the weekend.

TOP 2 Rain/Trail Etiquette points YOU MUST KNOW

  1. If it’s wet, don’t ride it. (It usually takes about 2 hours after rainfall to soak into that wonderful brown velcro we all love. Don’t screw it up for the rest of us.)
  2. Ride through it, not around it. (see a puddle in the middle of the trail? go right through it. DON’T make NEW trails. Let’s keep our single track SINGLE track 🙂

Construction activities have started on the Rifle to Avon gas pipeline upgrade. This means that Eagle riders will have to endure construction BS through October.

Beginning June 27, the 2nd Gulch Trail and Mayer Gulch Trail will be affected by pipeline construction. Please be sure to use extreme caution at all times when travelling near areas affected by pipeline construction. Black Hills Energy has taken steps to minimize the impact to use of the trails, and appreciates the community’s patience during this process.  If any changes are made to the accessibility of the trails, Black Hills Energy will issue communications to the community through signage at the trails, updates to the website, and notice to our contacts in the community.

2nd  Gulch Trail
This trail will be closed from the trail head parking area off of Arroyo Drive, heading east towards BLM access.  The trail will be closed beginning Wednesday, June 29 until further notice. *****Second Gulch is accessible from Jeep Road. It’s only closed from the 2nd Gulch trail head to Jeep road.

Mayer Gulch Trail
Although construction will be taking place in the pipeline right-of-way directly next to the trail, Black Hills Energy and our contractors have taken steps to keep the trail open and accessible throughout construction. However, please use extreme caution on this trail, as construction will be taking place in close proximity. The trail will have safety fencing installed to provide a buffer between bicyclists and construction equipment.


East Eagle: Good Conditions
Includes Boneyard, Pool & Ice, Redneck Ridge, Dirt Surfer, Charlie Brown and Haymaker.

Eagle Ranch: Varied Conditions
Includes Eagle Ranch Loops, Mayer Gulch, Turniphead, Jeep Road, 3rd Gulch, 2nd Gulch (see above construction notes)  2nd and 3rd Connector, Bailey, Riddle, Wall, Firebox, Wolverton, Pipeline.

West Eagle: Good Conditions
Includes School House Rock, Kill Bill, Abrams Gulch, Abrams Ridge, Elmers, Tick, Worlds Greatest, Tick Alley, Scratch, Itch, Reynolds Rap, Elk Drop, Easy Rider, Star Wars, Spine, Plunge, Ledges, Catwalk, Mikes Night Out, and Dead Cow.

BEWARE OF COWS!! Don’t chase them or you may get the bull. A friendly rancher tells us that if you just shout HUP! HUP! HUP! as you are approaching they will move away. (we tried it and it works like a charm)

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