Trail Conditions: July 28, 2016

Trail Conditions: July 28, 2016


Updated: 7/28/16 @ 2:00PM

Here’s the scoop!

Yea it’s HOT! But don’t let that stop you.
Smart riders do it before noon, or climb upward to the higher the elevations, temps drop about 10 degrees in some really special spots, like Abrams Ridge, Catwalk, Pipeline, Mikes Night Out, Boneyard.

Construction Update:

2nd  Gulch Trail
Closed from the trail head parking area off of Arroyo Drive, heading east towards BLM access. If you want to ride 2nd Gulch, access is still available from Jeep Road, 2nd/3rd Gulch Connector or Bailey.

Mayer Gulch Trail
Open with a GREAT view of the construction and about 10 people picking their noses and other parts of their bodies, along with about 2 people actually doing some work 🙂
Hang in there, this project should be done by mid OCTOBER!!

East Eagle: Summer Conditions
Includes Boneyard, Pool & Ice, Redneck Ridge, Dirt Surfer, Charlie Brown and Haymaker.
Expect moon dust on sections of Dirt Surfer, lots of loose dirt and beach sand on Haymaker.

Eagle Ranch: Varied Conditions
Includes Eagle Ranch Loops, Jeep Road, 3rd Gulch, Bailey, Riddle, Wall, Firebox, Wolverton, Pipeline.
See above construction update above.
All of these trails are holding up nicely. Cows are migrating from Wolverton to Pipeline, only saw a few today in Pipe. Also beware of the bridge crossing on Pipe, we have some erosion that could catch you by surprise.

West Eagle: Good Conditions
Includes School House Rock, Kill Bill, Abrams Gulch, Abrams Ridge, Elmers, Tick, Worlds Greatest, Tick Alley, Scratch, Itch, Reynolds Rap, Elk Drop, Easy Rider, Star Wars, Spine, Plunge, Ledges, Catwalk, Mikes Night Out, and Dead Cow.
Expect moon dust on sections of Abrams Ridge and Elmer’s. Loose dirt on portions of all the other trails.

Speaking OF COWS!!
Don’t chase them or you may get the bull. A friendly rancher tells us that if you just shout HUP! HUP! HUP! as you are approaching they will move away. (we tried it and it works like a charm)

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