Trail Conditions: June 29th 2015

Trail Conditions: June 29th 2015


Updated: 6/29/15 @ 3:20PM

Heat and Dry conditions = Dusty, Loose dirt in spots.

Really, all trails are looking GREAT, but as we have a lack of substantial rain, we get loose dusty dirt.
Watch your speed even on the straight trails, because one sudden jerk to the left or right could have you on your ass. (it’s happened to me!)

We are getting our normal afternoon storm like conditions, some of the weather includes thunder, lightening, and rain.
The good news is the trails dry pretty quick, once this happens.
USE YOUR HEAD and make the right decision on usage.

Get out there and ride!

East Eagle: EXCELLENT Conditions
Includes Boneyard, Pool & Ice, Redneck Ridge, Dirt Surfer, Charlie Brown and Haymaker.

Eagle Ranch: EXCELLENT Conditions
Includes Eagle Ranch Loops,  Mayer Gulch, Jeep Road, 2nd Gulch, 3rd Gulch, 2nd and 3rd Connector, Bailey, Riddle, Wall, Firebox, Wolverton, Pipeline.

West Eagle: EXCELLENT Conditions
Includes School House Rock, Kill Bill, Abrams Gulch, Abrams Ridge, Elmers, Tick, Worlds Greatest, Tick Alley, Scratch, Itch, Reynolds Rap, Elk Drop, Easy Rider, Star Wars, Spine, Plunge, Ledges, Catwalk, Mikes Night Out, and Dead Cow.

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