Trail Conditions: March 22, 2017

Trail Conditions: March 22, 2017


Updated: 3/22/17 @ 8:30PM

Here’s the scoop!

Lots of anxious riders out there! This due to the extremely warm March weather and the early opening last year.
The reality is that the ONLY trail that is good-to-go is HAYMAKER, and only the first 2 loops. This means NO Extra Credit or Loop 3.

Mrs. MountainBikeEagle said it very eloquently: “Boneyard is not ready – to ride, walk or anything! Muddy Trails are always closed! The 1st 2 loops of Haymaker are open and dry…..loop ’em until you’re dizzy.”

The current weather is calling for much MOISTURE, which is good because it will melt remaining snow, smooth out the elk prints  and make opening day APRIL 15th all that much better. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

Our suggestions for this weekend?

Fruita & Moab is going crazy.

Or try this one. . .


Hurricane is Utah’s best kept secret, come see it for yourself!
7th Annual Hurricane Mountain Festival
March 24th-26th, 2017

We strongly recommend going into the towns shops for some local riding condition tips!

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