Trail Conditions: May 9, 2017


Updated: 5/9/17 @ 12:30PM

BIG Thanks to our local riders for sharing first hand conditions. . .

Eagle Professional rider Karen Jarchow at Team Topeak-Ergon says it all: “Catwalk, mikes night out, and pipeline all good to go. One down tree on MNO. Guessing firebox will have snow as there was a lot in the shade looking over from the MNO hike a bike.”

Robert Tadlock Someone cleared the big tree on Mike’s. Still a few that are hanging in and will likely be on the ground soon though, so ride with your pack saw!

Michael Olsen I rode dead cow last weekend, it was excellent, west firebox wasn’t too bad, east firebox had a bunch of downed trees and some snow patches, if riding dead cow, out and back would be best to avoid firebox for another week. Motos and Jeeps were already out on firebox last weekend.

Here’s the scoop!

East Eagle: EXCELLENT Conditions
Includes Boneyard, Pool & Ice, Redneck Ridge, Dirt Surfer, Charlie Brown and Haymaker.

Eagle Ranch: EXCELLENT Conditions
Includes Eagle Ranch Loops,  Mayer Gulch, Jeep Road, 2nd Gulch, 3rd Gulch, 2nd and 3rd Connector, Pipeline, Bailey, Riddle and Wall.
NOT RECOMMENDED: Wolverton and Firebox

West Eagle: VARIABLE Conditions
Includes School House Rock, Kill Bill, Abrams Gulch, Abrams Ridge, Elmers, Tick, Worlds Greatest, Tick Alley, Scratch, Itch, Reynolds Rap, Elk Drop, Easy Rider, Star Wars, Spine, Plunge, Ledges, Catwalk, Mikes Night Out, and Dead Cow.

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