Due to the snow pack in our region though, the wildlife have had a tough winter. Deer and Elk have been hanging out lower in the valley for longer than normal. Snow and mud are still covering many of the trails that are scheduled to open on today. As a result of the above normal snow and the pressure to the wildlife, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management have decided to extend the closures on some of our area trails. Hardscrabble Mountain falls within this extended closure and will remain closed until at least May 1st.
East Eagle trails will still open on Monday April 15th. This includes Boneyard, Pool and Ice, Dirt Surfer and Red Neck Ridge. The outer loops of Haymaker normally open along with these trails, but due to a high number of Elk still bedding down in that area, they will remain closed until further notice.
Just because some of the trails are scheduled to open on Monday does not guarantee they will be rideable. There is still snow on some sections of the East Eagle trails. If you do plan to ride, please be ready to turn around at any point. MUDDY TRAILS ARE CLOSED TRAILS. We do not want to start off the season damaging our trails.

We can’t wait to get out to ride with everyone soon. In the meantime, please respect trail closures and wildlife.image.png

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